Precise laser cutting of metal,metal alloys and nonmetal materials
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Laser cutting,welding and engraving of metal and nonmetal

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About us

Welcome to the site of QUANTECS Ltd.

Our company is founded not long ago but we have over 14 years of experience in the hi-tech area. 
Our business includes Graphic and CAD design of parts and units, assembling and installations.

We are equipped with state of the art laser systems:
  • 500 W pulse YAG welding laser system
  • 350 W pulse YAG laser system
  • 120 W CW YAG laser system
  • 50 W CW-Quantard Q-switched YAG laser system
  • 100 W CW 808 nm laser system
Our activity aiming mainly the industry and the area of advertisement.
We finish off and deliver our orders on time.
Maintain low and competitive prices with high quality.